Pros and Cons of Cloth Diapering

I already had two posts on here that seem to have disappeared somehow. So here is a second first post!

Are you on the fence about whether or not to cloth diaper? There is so much information out there about cloth diapers that it can get overwhelming. I’ve been cloth diapering for 19 months now and have learned a few pros/cons along this road! I thought I would compile a few and put them out there for anyone who may need to see. So, lets get started! Should I give you the bad news first? Nah, I’ll start with the pros!

Eco Friendly- Cloth diapers are good for the environment. From the beginning I will admit I never could get into cloth wipes and then one day I decided I was done spending money on wipes when I had 1243234 wipes sitting in a drawer. We took it one day at a time and finally we were using all cloth wipes. I mention that because looking back I see how many wipes we would just throw away, all that money we would throw away. My husband would empty the trash cans in the bathroom and could fill up half a trash bag! That bag is going to go sit in a landfill somewhere, forever. The same goes for diapers. My daughter goes through about 6 diapers a day. 6 diapers a day for 365 days = 2,190 diapers! All those would be in the trash. We have 40 diapers in our stash that she uses over and over again, saving those landfills from diapers!

Cute- Cloth diapers are cute. You can find any print, character, or color you could want. My daughter can wear a diaper around the house with no pants and still look incredibly cute.

I mean, c’mon right?

Cloth diapers don’t sag- Have you ever seen a disposable diaper full of liquid? Have you seen how it sags down? It’s not cute. Cloth diapers don’t sag. They keep their shape making them still look adorable, no matter what could be in there! 🙂

Soft fabrics- Cloth diapers all have some form of fabric that is soft. We like to chose comfortable underwear, so why wouldn’t babies enjoy that as well! The diapers we have are organic cotton, AKA REALLY SOFT LIKE A CLOUD. I like to think my daughter loves the softness as well.

No stink- You know that smell in a disposable the second a child pees in it? That doesn’t happen with cloth diapers. (If it does, that’s not normal). The only time our diapers stink is when my daughter makes them stink.

Saving money- The idea of saving more money cloth diapering over buying disposables is funny. I guess over time I really will save money with the more children we have, but right now all i can do is laugh. Especially when the brand we use has a new release every week it seems like! But, it’s worth the investment, and I’m not throwing my money away.

And now for the bad news, the cons. These are purely my opinion, so please keep that in mind.

Diaper Rashes- These freak me out. Mostly because I’m afraid it’s going to turn into a yeast rash, which are a pain in cloth world. We have diapers that are not meant to soak in bleach so I always get so scared when I see a rash forming. You can’t put “mainstream” rash cream straight on cloth diapers, so that makes rashes tough. You can use coconut oil, but my daughter reacts to it, so we don’t have that option. 😦

Stuffing-98% of our stash is AIO (all in one) so I don’t do this much anymore, but for the first 12 months of cloth diapering I did and I hated it. Stuffing is when you have pocket diapers and need to place an insert in the pocket, you stuff it.

Pants/shorts bigger sizing- This one could totally be just me, but for my daughter I always have to buy the next size up in pants or shorts. She wears 18m size shirts, and I buy her 24 months/2T sized pants/shorts. Cloth diapers obviously aren’t as trim as a disposable would be, so they require a bigger size of bottoms to cover the diaper.

Stains- With natural fibers you are more prone to stains. We usually have at least one stain every wash. Stains don’t bother me, but as for resale it can stink. Synthetic fibers don’t stain as easily, in our experience. The diapers we use now are organic cotton, so they love to keep stains. It’s never anything sun can’t fix though!

Diaper changes on the go- When you are out running errands there is a chance your child will poo. This means that you’ll put the diaper in a wet bag and place it into your diaper bag. Sometimes they stink, so bad! There are times I’ve wished it was a disposable so I could just throw it away!

All of these cons are just a part of the commitment to cloth diapering. You get used to all of them (except stuffing never gets fun)! I seriously love cloth diapering and I’m so glad that we decided to take this plunge and do it. Little did I think it would become a hobby.


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