Wash Routine!

Wash routines- Who knew this was a “thing”. Would you not just throw them into the washer with soap and call it good?Not exactly, there is more to it. There tends to be a lot of differences in everyone’s wash routine. I made a video on our wash routine but I thought I would also put it in writing what we do. When I researched cloth diapering, I watched numerous videos to see what everyones wash routine entailed. Let me just say, there are MANY different routines. I decided to go the “cloth safe detergent” route and purchased Rock N’ Green. I also purchased a small brand called Crunchy Clean. I really liked crunchy clean, but it was kind of expensive and the bags weren’t that big. After about 8 months, I was so tired of the smell of my CLEAN diapers with using Rock N Green. I decided to jump on the bandwagon with Tide and purchased a small box of it. I have not looked back since. Not only do my diapers smell CLEAN, but they smell good because of the Tide. Tide is amazing.

First, I put my diapers on a rinse cycle. I don’t use the rinse setting on my washer though, I actually do a “normal” size wash with no detergent. My rinse cycle doesn’t give enough agitation, so I use the normal setting wash to get more vigorous movement. This is done with cold water and NO detergent.

Second, is the wash. I put the water on HOT and do a heavy cycle wash. I add a full scoop of Tide detergent, usually. Sometimes I will add a little more detergent depending on the size of the load.

Third is an extra rinse cycle. I think the water is cold, but that setting is based off of your washer.

After that, I throw them in the dryer for about an hour! If it’s a bigger sized load I will do 70 minutes.

We have a top loader with an agitator in the middle. This routine works really well for us! I hope this helped you get a better understanding of our wash routine. I’ll include the video on YouTube that I made to help with the visual learners. 🙂


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