Smart Bottoms 3.1 with a Smart Fold!

1437755162841 (1)

Hey guys! If you have followed me on Instagram or my YouTube channel, you know that we use a Smart Bottoms 3.1 with a Smart Fold overnight. It is bullet proof for us! A Smart Fold is 55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton. Made in the USA. I often see people saying they cannot get a good fit with this method. I put together some pictures to show what sizes fit best according to rise settings.

Size Small 

The size small Smart Fold fits into every rise setting on a 3.1. When you have all rise snaps snapped, it is a tighter fit, but it can happen! If you look at the first photo below, you will see that the Smart Fold is just barely fitting. It’s not hanging over the diaper though!

1437754613992 (1)1437754693423 (1)1437754776654 (1)Size Medium

The medium Smart Fold fits most comfortably on rise settings 3 and up. It can fit in the 2nd rise setting, but it is hard for us not to have leg gaps. We have done it though! I only snapped pictures of the medium in the second rise, because it fits very well in settings 3 and up.

1437754828863 (1)

Size Large

The size large unfortunately did not fit into any of the 3.1 settings. The picture included shows how it fit in rise settings 3 and 4 (completely unsnapped) and it was still hanging out of the diaper.

1437754528628 (1)

My full opinion on the Smart Folds is that I love them! They are super absorbent and ever since we started using them at night time, we have not had any leaks. We have only ever used size small, and occasionally size medium. They do take a lot of washes before they are really absorbent. Upwards of 10 washes. If you are wanting to try out this method for nighttime, I would recommend you just get a size small until your child is in the 3rd or 4th rise setting. I hope this helped, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

-Sahm Cloth Mom


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