Fleece Liners! Homemade or Name Brand?


The other day I thought of the brilliant idea to try out Smart Bottoms Dry Liners. They were on sale and I thought “what the heck!” I made my own fleece liners so that is what we have always used. I use them to wick away moisture or as a barrier when I use any type of diaper cream; cloth safe or not. When I first opened up the liners from their balled up packaging, I was shocked at how long they were. I said “Oh wow…that must cover the whole diaper!” The liners I made are really small in comparison.

Below you will see what a liner looks like laid out on the diaper. It would contour a little bit more, making it fit perfectly. Note: my daughter is on the second rise setting.


In this photo below, you will see my homemade liner on top of the Smart Bottoms liner. As you can tell, it is a lot smaller; My homemade liners only cover a small portion of the tongue of the diaper.


I LOVE the Smart Bottoms Liners. It is kind of dangerous that I tried them, because now I only want to use them. As I said earlier, I usually only use my liners to wick away moisture at night. I was amazed at how the Smart Bottoms Liners wicked away moisture as well. I had to check her diaper to see if she had dirtied it, and it felt dry because the liners were working so well. Besides wicking away moisture, I know people use the liners to prevent stains. I now understand why. With my homemade liners I would still get stains. Not as bad as it would have been if I didn’t use a liner, but still the diapers weren’t really clean. I decided to put the Smart Bottoms Liner in the diaper because I knew she was due to dirty it. At our next diaper change after she got it dirty, I took the diaper to the bathroom to rinse it off, pulled the liner off, rinsed the liner and that was it. The diaper was completely clean (of poo). I love the length of the Smart Bottoms Liners because they go all the way up to the back elastic, leaving no room for poo to run to, containing it only on the liner.

Below is a picture of the diaper, yes dirty, after I changed her. As you can see, no poo got on the diaper at all.


The last physical feature I loved was the thickness. The liners are very thick, making it easier to just grab the liner, rinse as needed, and put in the wet pail.

These liners are sold in a 5 pack for around $5. For $1 a liner, it can’t be beat! I will definitely be getting more. I think I will leave my homemade liners for when I use creams of any kind.

I really do not know what I expected but bottom line is if it is made by Smart Bottoms, you are going to love it.

-Sahm Cloth Mom


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