Retailer Exclusives!

Cloth diaper companies usually have a set number of prints and solids they have on their regular line up. Meaning they are constantly in production. These stick around until they become retired, meaning they will not be made anymore. On top of the regular line up diapers, there are retailer exclusives. These are diapers (whether a print or a solid) are made exclusively for a certain retailer. This diaper can only be purchased through that particular retailer. What makes exclusives so special is the uniqueness to that retailer. Some retailers have reasonings behind the design they chose, and others just like how awesome they are (because anything Smart Bottoms is awesome).

Exclusives can be tricky to come by if you miss the stocking for them. I came across Smart Bottoms right before the retailer Lil’ Tulips ran out of the print Sea Adventure; so I snagged one up! Once a retailer is sold out of an exclusive, we as consumers never know if it will come back. That decision is based fully on the retailer.

Sea Adventure not only came back, but Lil’ Tulips also came out with Garden Adventure and yet to be released Sweeney’s Adventure. It is really nice when they are released again, because it gives everyone who missed the first run, a chance to purchase it!

Another retailer that does a lot of exclusives is Abby’s Lane. Rainbow Love was their first Smart Bottoms 3.1 diaper exclusive. This diaper is loved and wanted by many! They had a first run of it back in April, a second run back in July and now they are gearing up for the third run on Thursday! They will be stocking the 3.1 One Size, the Itty bitty adorable Born Smart newborn diaper, and the awesome matching wetbag! If you’re wanting to try out Smart Bottoms and just love this print, do not miss the stocking on Thursday (9-10-15) at 6pm EST! Once they are sold out (and all the previous runs sold out in minutes, 3 to be exact) who knows if they will restock!

Retailer exclusives are really popular right now in the Smart Bottoms world. There was just 2 releases this past week, and a few more still planned for the future. Abby’s Lane actually has two other exclusives planned for the next few months! So go follow Smart Bottoms, Abby’s Lane and Lil’ Tulips (and all the other awesome retailers while you are at it) so you never miss any updates on releases!



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