Target Clearance Finds!


Run (or drive safely), do not walk, to your nearest Target Store! They are currently marking down all their Back to School products. I was able to score some supplies that my toddler enjoys coloring and doodling on! I had a few items in my cart and a Target Employee told me he was going to scan my items to make sure they had the lowest price on them, so I ended up saving even more money!

I paid .90 for each of the construction paper packs! The pack of 5 notebooks was $1.20. Lastly the pack of neon paper was $1.20. I did pick up some folders my myself that were .30 cents each, and a notebook that was $1.05. These are just the items we use! They still had other items like glue sticks, lunch pales, back packs and other miscellaneous school supply items! If you go, make sure you ask someone to make sure it’s marked down to its lowest prices! These were 70% off I believe.

Just wanted to share my awesome finds! I know it is not diaper related, but hey, I saved money that can go towards diapers? 🙂


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