Traveling with Cloth Diapers


Are you going on a trip soon and would like to use your cloth diapers, but are hesitant? Maybe you are scared of having no sprayer, running out of clean diapers, or even carrying a stinky wetbag around? Check out this post I wrote for Smart Bottoms about traveling with cloth diapers!

My little family of 3 took a trip recently and we decided to use our cloth diapers. Now, I’ll admit that in the past I have always just taken disposable diapers because they were always so much easier. Every single diaper my child would dirty would just get thrown in the trash and that is it. Then when we were planning our next road trip, I had to remind myself why we cloth diaper. We cloth diaper to save money, to help the environment by not adding to landfills, and because it is better for our daughter. A road trip does not change any of those things. I figured it really could not be that hard, so I decided I was going to cloth diaper during our vacation.”

Read more of the article here!


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