Are Cloth Wipes Really That Hard?


I use to be so afraid of using cloth wipes that I let them sit in a drawer for months. This resulted in me spending money on disposable wipes that I would just throw away. Little did I know, they were not that hard and I was wasting my money!

“Using cloth wipes was never something I even considered when I decided to cloth diaper. It just did not appeal to me, at all. I was so afraid to use them when my daughter was born, we ended up purchasing disposable wipes and using those for a long time. Why was I so scared? How difficult could cloth wipes be? My biggest thought was that they would not get my daughter clean enough like disposable wipes did after a diaper change.”

Read more of the article here!


3 thoughts on “Are Cloth Wipes Really That Hard?

  1. Hi! I just found your blog. Love it! Please tell me how you deal with poopy cloth wipes. Pretty please. I want to try the cloth wipes but I waited too long and now she eats solids and I am sooooo scared. Thanks!


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