Geffen Baby Prefold Overnight


I have kind of become a little bit obsessed with finding overnight solutions. Maybe it is because we struggled for so many months and nothing ever worked for us, not even disposables. I did however find a solution when we came across Smart Bottoms Smart Folds in our 3.1, but again, I like finding new options too!

I ended up purchasing a few different types of inserts/prefolds/doublers (more on the others in future posts) to try out. Geffen Baby Jersey Prefold was one of them. As soon as I opened up the package from Abbys Lane, I told myself I was going to love this option. The packaging said to wash it 3 times before use, so in the wash it went and by bedtime that evening I put it in our 3.1 diapers. I knew that it would not be to its full absorbency, but wanted to try it anyways.

My daughter woke up dry! (And by “dry” I mean no leaks on her sheets or PJ’s). The Geffen Baby Prefold (size x-small) worked perfectly. Both the prefold and the 3.1 diaper were soaked, but no leaks! It is really trim too!

IMG_0944 IMG_0945

The prefolds are 60% Hemp and 40% Organic Cotton. Made in the USA. I paid $6.17 at They are retail for $6.50, but use the coupon code ‘SAVINGS’ for an extra 5% off, plus FREE SHIPPING. I not only love Made in the USA products, but to have free shipping as well, is perfect!

IMG_0942 IMG_0943

Try out this overnight option if you want, and let me know how it goes! My 21 month old can make it 12+ hours overnight with this prefold and our 3.1. It is a whole organic cotton and hemp diaper option!


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