NEW-Smart Bottoms Too Smart Cover


If you do not keep up with Smart Bottoms on the regular (which you should), you may have missed their awesome product addition; one size, Too Smart, covers! I know these have been highly anticipated by many in the cloth diaper world. Let me just say that they are an awesome addition to their product line! Some people prefer covers over other types of diapers, so this helps them have USA made, quality covers!

Once I received the cover I was immediately impressed (well, not really, because I did not expect anything less than excellent quality) by just the amazing quality they felt like. I have used many other brands of covers in the past, and have never felt a cover so solid feeling (if that even makes sense). The TPU is so sturdy, yet lightweight, just like a cover. It features two flaps; one at the top and one at the back. These are excellent to hold in what ever type of prefold, flat, or insert you like to use in your covers. They feature some serious double gussets, that will not let anything past, not even exclusively breast fed poo (because we all know how those are).

wpid-img_1213.jpg wpid-img_1219-1.jpg
The Too Smart Covers are designed to fit exactly like the 3.1 All-In-One diapers. The waist band is the same length as the AIO diapers, and they both feature rise snaps in the front. If you’re familiar with the old Smart Bottoms Covers, you may recall they had elastic that you adjusted to change the size of the cover. The rise snaps on the new covers are more user friendly to help adjust the size.





I put a size medium Smart Fold in our cover, and anything you normally use in covers will fit perfectly. Smart Bottoms did come out with inserts to use with the covers. They are the same organic cotton as the AIO diapers, and just as absorbent. If you do not know how absorbent the AIO diapers are, they are really absorbent. I do not have, nor have I used these inserts, but I do plan on getting some to try with my covers.


In conclusion, the Too Smart cover is amazing quality that you will not have to worry about being ruined after the use of it with one child. If you are a cover person, or even just someone who likes to use the occasional cover, be sure to check out the Smart Bottoms Too Smart Cover. They retail for $22 and the inserts that are available come in a 3 pack for $15. They also come in 5 colors (they do plan to add some prints in the future); Hero (Shown in these pictures), a white one called Miami, orange one called Toucan, a pink one called Candy Shoppe, and a light blue one called Halo. You can find a retailer that has them, here!



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