Cloth Diaper Creams: What is safe?


Has your child had a rash appear and you were unsure what to do since they wear cloth diapers? There are cloth safe creams/balms, but are creams really safe for your natural fiber diapers? Over on Smart Bottoms blog, I did some myth-busting tests to determine what is and is not safe for natural fiber diapers!

Lately, I have seen a lot of discussion about cloth diaper creams/balms and if they are safe for use with natural fiber cloth diapers. I have seen that Zinc Oxide is OK for natural fiber diapers, others say it is not safe, and some say any diaper cream is safe. I decided to do some myth-busting tests of my own, using a Smart Bottoms 100% Organic Cotton diaper and various diaper creams on the market.

Read more, here!


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