Smart Bottoms Too Smart Inserts



I finally was able to try out the new Too Smart Inserts recently, and I am so excited to be writing about them. I have had the cover for a little bit, you can read about them here; but had yet to purchase the inserts! The inserts are meant to have the same absorbency as the 3.1 diapers. They are pretty large, meant to make it easier to fold however your child needs. If you are familiar with the tongue on the 3.1 diapers, these inserts are a little bit longer than that.


They fit perfectly in the Too Smart Covers too! If you like the super trimness (because Smart Bottoms diapers are already very trim) of covers, this is a great way to go. The inserts are super absorbent, being 100% Organic Cotton, they can hold a lot. Since they are the same organic cotton as the AIO diapers, they do not wick away moisture, so you would still need to add a fleece liner if wetness sensitivity is an issue with your child.

Besides putting them in a cover, I wanted to try and put them in the 3.1 for nighttime. We already use our Smart Folds in the diapers at night, but wanted to see what the Too Smart Inserts would be like. Just as I expected, they worked fantastic. No leaks! The diaper was pretty heavy, but still no leaks. Disclaimer: It may be more difficult to put this in a smaller rise setting. My daughter is on the 3rd rise setting for her nighttime diapers. I folded the insert in half, and placed in the diaper. If you are looking for another great nighttime solution, give this a try! It is now in my top five nighttime solutions! They are sold in a pack of 3 for $15! Check out your favorite retailer to purchase!


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