New Smart Bottoms Print Reveal!

If any of you keep up with Smart Bottoms, you may know that there is always a new print or exclusive coming out. We had a little bit of a break the last few months, as only a few diapers released. This was a nice time to get a second job (haha!) and save up money for the rest of the new diapers that may come out in 2016, because we all know there is a long list already of new diapers.

Tomorrow, Feb. 10th, Smart Bottoms is revealing their newest print, ‘Enchanted’. They will be doing a LIVE reveal on Periscope. If you aren’t familiar with Periscope, it is live video streaming. It is a really neat app! If you have a Twitter account, it is really easy to set up a Periscope account. Once you have it set up, you can set your notifications to alert you when people start broadcasting! Do not worry though, if you are unfamiliar with Twitter, you can also view the Periscope online from the web browser. A link will be posted as soon as they go live!

Smart Bottoms always likes to give out hints to keep us on our toes (and build up that anticipation). I personally have a love/hate relationship with the hints because I really want to just see the diaper, but it is also fun to guess. Here are the 3 hints given so far about the new print:


So what are your guesses? Tune in tomorrow at 12EST on Periscope to watch the reveal live! They will also be doing a giveaway of a diaper or cover! So be sure to watch it, because who does not love a free diaper? Their handle on Periscope is @smartbottomsinc.


2 thoughts on “New Smart Bottoms Print Reveal!

  1. I can see how this can be fun and frustrating at the same time . #showmethediapers! I’ve never tried smart bottoms before. As we try again to cloth diaper I look forward to trying new brands and this will be one of them.


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