Eco Sprout Liners and Bottom Spray

Disclaimer: I received these products in return for an honest review.

Goodness guys, I am so thrilled to be writing this review of Eco Sprouts Bottom Spray and Liners for you. I have been using these two products for the last week and am seriously hooked. Even my 2 year old daughter has enjoyed diaper changes since we started using these, and if you are a parent to a toddler, you may know the struggle!

I will start with the liners first. Now, I have used many different kinds of disposable liners and I have never liked them enough to continue use. I received these Eco Bottom Liners and as soon as I opened the package, I said “wow these are soft.” And they are so soft! Not rough and stiff like what I have used in the past. The liners are made from renewable bamboo fibers, which is why they are so soft. Another thing I love about these liners, is they do not leave fibers on the bum after it gets wet. Other liners I have used leave residue fibers, like lint. When you change the diaper, the liner will be very thinned out (because they are meant to break down) from getting wet, but does not leave anything on baby! I have always used some type of liner, whether it is reusable or disposable, because they make dirty diaper changes so much easier. The Eco Bottom liners of course help with this. I do not flush these as it is not recommended for septic systems, so I just put the poo in toilet and throw away the liner! There was a tiny bit of residue that went through the liner onto the diaper, but nothing that would leave any type of staining! The liners also fit into numerous types of diapers that we own, making them really universal!

You can see how thin they are!
Universal for all styles of diapers!

Now, lets talk about the Bottom Spray. I will admit, I was a little nervous using this product because I am a repeated offender of just using disposables for one main reason; it never seems clean enough just using cloth wipes. I even have used a wipe solution before, but it never seemed to fully dissolve to make it most effective. This Bottom Spray is all ready to go as a liquid, which was great to see. I got the French Lavender scent because I have a slight addiction to lavender scented items, and it smells really good (they also have an Orange Eucalyptus and Pure which has no essential oils). It came with a 4 ounce aluminum spray bottle, which I found pretty handy. The directions are as simple as 1TBSP of solution and then fill the rest of the bottle up with water, give it a little shake and you are all set to go!

There are a few different ways to use the spray, and for the sake of the review I did all three to determine my most favorite. First option is to spray on a cloth wipe and then use; I was not a fan of this one because I tend to like the wipe to feel fairly wet, and I felt like I had to spray a bunch of times to get the wipe wet enough. Second option is to spray directly onto baby; This method worked great, but keep in mind it is shockingly cold so it may startle the child and not make them happy. My daughter found it quite humorous, but that is just the toddler in her. Last option is to pour solution onto cloth wipes in a warmer; This was by far my most favorite. I did have to use a little more of the solution to get the wipes wet enough, but it also will last a few days as well. I set them up in the warmer and as soon as I pulled a wipe out, it was warm and ready to go! It also smelled amazing in the warmer because of the Lavender. Definitely try all three methods to find what works best for you and your child though!

You may be wondering what is in the Bottom Spray solution (because I know I am always curious) and I was very pleased with everything listed on the label. I also think this combination of ingredients is what makes this solution work so well.

I seriously LOVE both of these products, and I am not just saying this because it is a review. These two products are top notch and get the job done exactly the way I like! If you are interested in purchasing, check with your favorite retailer or check out Eco Sprouts website. Also while you are there, check out their other products they have! Using a cloth wipe solution that actually works is what I am most excited about. Excited enough to finally ditch the disposable wipes, again! 🙂


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