Smart Bottoms: What’s Not To Love?

If you do not follow my blog regularly, you may not know of the love I have for the cloth diaper brand we use, Smart Bottoms. There are always reasons to why people love certain brands so I thought I would put together some reason to why Smart Bottoms are awesome! Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any diaper buying spree of Smart Bottoms that may result from you reading this. 😉

I’ll start you off with this picture that may tell you one of the reasons I will list later in the post.

When I first started buying cloth diapers, I bought what was the cheapest and did not care a lot about anything else. Then I used the diapers for 6 months and quickly realized that I was beginning to hate cloth diapering. I did not like the microfiber material and how it held onto stink, and I absolutely hated how it made my fingers feel after stuffing all the diapers with these inserts! The first number one thing I love about Smart Bottoms is the Organic Cotton that all the diapers are made of. Not only is this fabric soft, it can go against the child’s skin with ease, and it does not hold stink! It is also incredibly absorbent in comparison to microfiber. My 2 year old daughter can easily go 4 hours in this diaper with no leaks. (Keep in mind she is gearing towards being ready for the big potty, so she is holding her urine a lot longer). But even when she was a year old, these diapers would never leak! One could argue that cotton tends to stain more, which is true, but I have barely any stains on my diapers. If I do, it is a very small one most likely caused by blueberries! Our wash routine includes a warm pre rinse, which the warm water helps open up the cotton fibers better, making the diapers get more gunk out! This will also help reduce stains. Another tip to help with stains is to use a fleece liner. We use a fleece liner on all our diapers, which is also why we have very minimal staining.
Just look how soft they look!

The fit and trimness have to be another favorite of mine. My daughter has worn her fair share of different cloth diapers, and these are seriously the most trim. She can even wear jeans with her diapers on! Crazy, right?! Now, they still give a good fluff bum (because we cannot live without those) but it is very subtle. I can get an excellent fit with these diapers too. I have never had to worry about snaps coming undone as I am putting the diaper on, or leg gaps because it is stuffed too much. They have always fit her excellent. (If you’re experiencing fit issues, watch this video to see if it helps!).
imageCute and trim fluff bum!

Another reason I love this brand, is the variety of prints and solids. I have started more recently being very addicted to the solids and that is mostly what my stash is. However, I have my favorite prints and let me just say, they are so beautiful in person. There have even been prints I was not sure on, until I saw it in person. There is always a print or solid for everyone, because believe me I do not have the money to buy every print, so I am glad I do not need them all!
imageI mean, c’mon right? Beautiful.

Last reason that makes me really love this brand, is the company itself. They care about their customers, and they listen for improvements. They will even include them for diaper reveals, naming the diaper, and hosting giveaways fairly often (even if it is as small as a Smart Fold). Another awesome thing is diapers that come back with small defects (cracked snap, little scuff mark by a machine etc) that cannot be sold in retail stores, they send these to an orphanage in Haiti! (Look at this post to see the cuteness). It is just awesome to support a company that knows what they are doing, and has a great heart behind it all.

As a brand ambassador for Smart Bottoms, I was not paid or asked to write this post. All these thoughts are 100% my own, and seriously the reason I love this company. I am very blessed to be an ambassador for them, and just want other people to know of this awesome company! But just a warning, if you try one Smart Bottoms diaper, you might get hooked! 🙂


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