Smart Bottoms Born Smart Diapers

We did not start using Smart Bottoms products until my daughter was about a year old, so we did not have the privilege of using their newborn diapers when she was born. We actually did not use any newborn diapers on her, so when my son was born I was really excited to use cloth diapers from the start. I was very comfortable with cloth diapers because we have been using them for almost 3 years, so I knew it would be a breeze. I love, and that may be an understatement, their one size diapers. They are by far the best diaper we have tried (and the company is amazing as well). They are 100% organic cotton, and are made in the USA, both double wins in my book. With that, I figured I would love their newborn diapers just as much. They started to fit my son when he hit about 9lbs. His little legs/thighs made it tricky to not have blowouts, but once he got a little chunk from his constant eating, they fit him wonderful.

The first really cool feature is the huge cut out for the umbilical cord. We used other diapers that had a snap down, and those just did not seem to work that well at avoiding the cord stump. My sons cord stump stayed on for awhile, so having that drop down was really nice. It did not even come close to touching the belly button at all.


As you can see below in this image, the drop down really misses the belly button.

Photo courtesy of Cecilia B.

The diapers also grow with the kid a little bit because they have one rise. My son is about 10.5lbs right now and still on the smallest setting, but I believe he is about ready to have it opened up. *Update* My son is now around 12lbs and we have opened up the rise.
PicMonkey Image

The inside of the diapers are the same organic cotton that is in their one size diapers. Instead of an attached tongue however, it snaps in. One nice thing about the snapped in soaker, is you do not have to detach it before you wash. Because, lets face it, sometimes you just do not want to touch what is all the way up the back of the diaper. Keeping it snapped in the wash also saves on time when you are folding clean diapers! There is also a little “pocket” behind that you can add a booster to if you needed to.

PicMonkey Image2

If you are not familiar with the all-in-one diapers, you may not be aware that you have to “roll” the elastics in so no cotton is showing. The born smart diapers are the same exact way. You really want to make sure that you are rolling in the elastics. If not, those pesky newborn explosive poos may leak out.

We have been using the newborn diapers for about a month now, and I really like them. They are my go-to, and usually the first ones empty out of the basket of diapers. I do have to change him after only an hour usually because he is a heavy wetter. To help with this (and a step I often forget) is newborn boosters. They are the same organic cotton and they just add a little extra absorbency to make it last longer. My little guy nurses about every 2-3 hours still so he has a lot of output in diapers. These definitely will help if you are having that issue.


Along with all of the positives listed above, how can you not be so in love with how tiny they are AND all the prints and colors. Add in your adorable baby, and you just have one cute bundle of cuteness. Add in a sibling to match the diapers you put on, and your heart has melted. They retail for $18 for regular line up (Tie-dye and Enchanted are seen in these photos). Retailer exclusive prints will run at $19 (Rainbow Love shown is an exclusive). Check them out if you are expecting and looking into using cloth diapers in the newborn stage. I do not think my son will grow out of these until he is around 4 months old, so they will be getting some good use!

2016-08-04 06.27.54 2



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