Using a Smart Bottoms Wetbag as an Easter/Spring Basket!


Spring has to be my favorite season. Everything is blooming, the air has that sweet scent to it, windows in the house can be opened for the first time in months, and the sun is shining! Another reason why I love spring is my 2 year old daughter can get outside and play in the sun! Since we live in the south, spring is more in the high 70’s-80’s so she can start wearing short sleeve shirts, shorts, and flip flops (and of course go outside in a diaper). With spring, also comes the spring holidays. I really enjoy being creative every year putting together a basket for my daughter! She also loves all the goodies that come in it!

Usually when someone hears the word wet bag, they think cloth diapers, and how they hold dirty diapers. There are actually a lot of different uses for a wet bag (check out this post). One of those uses can be as an Easter basket replacement! I personally like finding the cutest basket for my daughter at the store, so using a wet bag instead is very fun because I can find a cute design that fits her personality perfectly. If you have multiple children it is really nice so they each have their own special bag! Since wet bags do not just have to be used for dirty diapers, the kids can find their own ways to use it after the holiday! My daughter personally enjoys using them to carry her little toys around!

The dimensions of the On the Go Wet Bags are 12X16, so they are plenty big to hold all the things you may purchase for your child. Once the wetbag is full of goodies, just zip it up and place wherever you normally would put the basket. Another awesome thing about the wet bags is that even when they are full, they do not take up much space. When I was a child, I woke up having to find my basket, because my parents had hid them. Being from a big family of 6 kids, it was always a fun mad rush around the house trying to find my basket. If your kids are old enough for this little game, the wet bag makes it so much easier to hide anywhere! If you do not want to or usually do not hide them, the handle on the bags make it very easy to hang them from wall hooks or even bedroom door handles.


I am sure that those creative parents out there enjoy the fun part of assembling a neat looking basket. Rest assured there is still a way to do this with the wet bag. Simply use a filler, like towels or extra clothes to puff up the bottom of the bag. Then you can easily let the items be seen just like a normal basket! Add little trinkets and frills to make it even more adorable than the print you have chosen (because c’mon, all the prints are adorable)!

2016-03-12 12.53.15 1

Once your child has emptied out the bag, eaten all the chocolate bunnies and broke half the toys (because we know this happens) you need them to go burn off some energy! Grab that wet bag and head out to do the egg scavenger hunt! They have a nice little handle on them that your child can carry with while they are picking up eggs. As you found out from filling the bags, they are a really good size, especially to hold a bunch of eggs! Another super positive is the eggs your child collects cannot be snatched easily out of the bag (whereas the basket is wide open for picking), keeping them safe from egg thieves (again, I grew up in a family of 6 kids)! Once all eggs are collected, the items inside of them (if any) can be easily carried in the wet bag.


The last reason I love the idea of replacing the basket with a wet bag, is that once the holiday is over, you do not have to store the basket in the basement/attic until next year. Your child can use it for whatever they want to use for, which takes up very little room. If your child is still pretty young, you personally can use the bag however you desire! The bag will not collect dust, whereas the basket would just be waiting to be used again!

The On the Go Wet Bags retail for $18, and have multiple uses to last you a long time (since they are also very durable)! Your favorite retailer will have these bags in stock! Do not know of any retailers? Check out this list to find one! The bags featured in this post were Brambleberry (purple), Soaring (airplanes), and Happy Frogs!


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