Cloth Diapering a Second Time: What I Know Now!


(The original blog post on this was deleted, so I am uploading it again on my own blog. Enjoy! My second child is now 10 months old and we are still loving using cloth diapers).

I still remember the first cloth diaper I ever used on my daughter. It was a tiny newborn diaper and was quite possibly the cutest thing ever besides my new baby. I also remember how nervous I was. What was I going to do if she pooped? Did I snap it on right? Is the wetness going to bother her? After that diaper change I put her back into a disposable (gasp, I know) because I was so nervous. I had watched tons of YouTube videos, and felt really confident before I had an actual tiny human being to put diapers on. I did not start using cloth diapers full time until she was a month old. There was a few private reasons of why, but on her one month birthday I was so ready! I told my husband “I’m going to put her in cloth diapers all day!” Ever since then she has been in cloth diapers full time for the last 2 years.

With another child on the way, I feel a lot more prepared this time and not as anxious. One thing I feel more confident on (and let’s get real for a second) being this is a cloth diaper blog, what do I do with the poo? I always saw diaper sprayers and thought “what a waste of money!” Why are they so expensive for something that sprays water? Then I had a no longer exclusive breastfed baby. Well, that explains it. The first 6 months I used the bathtub and rubber gloves. I felt like I did not need that expensive water sprayer, but I was wrong. We purchased a diaper sprayer and my life changed drastically. I no longer dreaded those dirty diaper changes (although now, with a 2 year old I kind of wish she was potty trained just in that area), because I had my handy dandy sprayer! Now, if you use the bathtub, or dunk n’ swish, more power to ya! In our house a sprayer is mandatory, and I am glad I will have it from the beginning with our second.

Another thing I am confident about is my wash routine. It is something I have now “perfected” to make my diapers smell good and actually get clean. I bought into the ‘cloth diaper safe detergent’ when I did my research before my daughter was born. I purchased a few different brands and thought they were getting my diapers clean, but in reality, they were not. After a year of washing my diapers that way and dealing with stink, I finally switched to a stronger, mainstream detergent. I now have no doubt that my diapers are getting clean, and a bonus is they smell amazing after they are washed!

Usually when you do something outside the norm to everyone around you, it is hard to receive and have support. The wonderful world of Facebook has really helped with having support for cloth diapering. Whatever your issue may be, whether it is wash routine, or a fit question, there is always someone or some group that will have your answer! I discovered all these groups about 6 months into my cloth diapering and the groups have always been amazing sources of information, help and people to relate with. It made cloth diapering more enjoyable knowing that you could post a picture of your ‘fluff mail’ and have someone geek over it with you! It also really helps to know when your favorite brands are releasing new diapers, or exclusives. In the world of Smart Bottoms that is really important because if you did not know of any stockings of a certain diaper, you would miss out because they sell out QUICK!

One of the things I am most definitely sure about the second time around is the brand and style we will use. This has to be one of the most important things I learned about cloth diapering. Before, I just went with what was popular on the videos I watched, which majority was pockets. So I invested a whole stash of pocket style diapers, that also had microfiber material inserts. After a year of using them, I really disliked using cloth diapers. I did not like microfiber and the build up of stink that lingered with that material, and I also did not like stuffing the pockets. When I found Smart Bottoms, I was sold. No more stuffing! No more microfiber! With Smart Bottoms being 100% Organic Cotton, they are super soft, and the material can touch skin without any trouble or rash occurring. I got really tired of cracked and dry fingers (especially in the winter time) and that did not help with stuffing microfiber into pockets. I now know with our second child, all-in-one and natural fibers are what we love!
First Smart Bottoms I purchased.
First time wearing SB.

Lastly, I know without a doubt what I am doing when it comes to cloth diapers and I am not afraid. Once our second child is born, they will go right in a newborn cloth diaper with no hesitation like I had before with my daughter. I know how to put on a cloth diaper, I know how it should fit, I know how to handle the poo, and I know how to wash my diapers properly. Like everything else in life, the second time you do something, it is a lot easier because you are familiar with what works for you. I am really excited to use cloth again with our second child, and I am even more excited that I know more than I did the first time! It will help make it more enjoyable!






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